Terms and Conditions

Advance Orders & Comparable or Better Seating -- When tickets are not in our possession at the time of purchase, we cannot guarantee exact seat locations. The listed section and row sets the parameter for the type of seat you will receive. Placing an advance order with Big Red Tickets is similar to the customer experience with a hotel or rental car company. Customers place reservations for a certain class of room or car; however, those customers may end up in a higher class of room or car on the day they show up. Similarly, we take payment for the advance order and promise that we will make substantial efforts to ensure that our clients receive tickets for the event that are "comparable or better" as to what we advertised at the time of the order, or a 200% refund for the value of the order. Comparable or better seating is defined as: (a) tickets in a lower row of the same or equivalent section; (b) or tickets in a comparable row in a section of the same stadium level that is closer to the center of the stadium (i.e. 50 yard line, mid-court line, center ice, home plate). Unless explicitly noted in the seat description on the invoice, comparable or better seating is not affected by a specific view of anything other than the playing field, (i.e. the band, scoreboards, video boards, or surroundings outside the stadium etc). This is a unique service that Big Red Tickets provides to our clients, and the possibility of free upgraded seats should be seen as one of the advantages to placing the advance order. Big Red Tickets will try to accommodate special requests or considerations; however, you should contact Big Red Tickets immediately regarding special circumstances.

200% Guarantee -- For every Advance Order (tickets not in our possession) we take, Big Red Tickets promises that we will make substantial efforts to ensure that our clients receive tickets in time for the event. We are so confident in our ability to deliver you the tickets as described, or comparable or better tickets, that we will provide a 200% money back refund guarantee should we fail to deliver tickets in time for the event. For the purposes of the our 200% money back refund guarantee "deliver" means offering to transfer them to you by mobile or email delivery, tendering them to FedEx for delivery to your billing address, or making them available for pick up at our will call location on the day of the event for you to collect in person.

Refunds -- Refunds are only offered if the event is canceled, not rescheduled and a refund is offered by the event promoter. Otherwise, all sales are final. Ticket prices can fluctuate wildly even over the course of a few hours as the event date approaches. We can offer to buy back your tickets at existing market conditions, but we cannot offer refunds.

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